Hi, I'm Samantha.
I specialize in resiliency & new beginnings.
I help people become
fearless in going after
the life they deserve.
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Recent e-mail I received from a coaching client:

"I've made a lot of progress thanks to your help so I wanted to show my appreciation for everything you’ve done with me. 


I always use you as an example of authenticity and I've become a little more natural during my meetings and in larger groups.  I'm more myself.


I also have more courage to address issues with my employees and I can challenge and give more direction.  I feel like a leader more than somebody seeking validation. The biggest difference is self acceptance. I've let go of some of the things that were keeping me from the best version of myself.


I still have some work to do and I’d like to develop even more of my creativity now. Let's say I'm not done but the essence was to wish you well during this crazy time and to thank you."

~J-P Gelinas, agr. MBA, Manager Business Development

(August 2020)


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You are an amazing woman. The fact that you share your real life situations makes you an even more believable coach.


You are the most down to earth, real person I have met in a long time.


You are an amazing beautiful strong woman who inspires me and many others. Please keep up the great work!!!' 

- Caroline, Senior Project Manager, Government of Canada

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Howard M.

Senior International Law Advisor

When I first approached Samantha to help provide coaching, I had no real idea what to expect in terms of results. It was a hail Mary in many ways, at a time of both career change and high personal stress. What a hail Mary it turned out to be.


Samantha is dedicated, honest, serious about helping those she works with, and direct in how she does so. She came prepared for each meeting with specific things to discuss or work on. She understood quickly who I was and what values I have, and worked to help me achieve them, not to rewrite them. She pushed hard when it was needed and intuitively knew when to cut me a little slack. The sessions we had were open, results oriented, and engaging. And most importantly, they worked! And they were then supported by follow-up when needed.


In short, Samantha provided the support and inputs I needed, when I truly needed them. I could not have picked a better person to work with.

Janice S.

Senior Program Officer

Having Sam as a life coach was such an enriching experience for me. She is energetic, kind-hearted and intuitive. She was highly adaptive to my situation and emotional states at a given time, and was thus flexible in her approach with me and getting me focused on my goals.

Her sessions were always extremely helpful and left me smiling and feeling more confident about where I was going. I am now on track with setting and meeting personal and career goals, thanks to Sam.

With Samantha’s help and encouragement, I empowered myself with strength, confidence and patience.  She is a great coach, and pushed me to go beyond the comfortable and empower myself with new experiences.

Allan B. 

Technical Manager, P. Eng.

Sam's friendly, happy but totally professional approach led me to find myself again, regain my confidence and above all, through empowerment, put me back in control of myself.

I cannot express the gratitude and respect I have for Samantha. It is a journey with many bumps in the road, do not expect an easy passage, but what an excellent guide I had and one I will call on again if the need arises.

Samantha’s conversational style of teaching is extremely engaging. She has a way to keep the energy level up while maximising the impact of the learning by focusing on key aspects that really make a difference. She has deep understanding of communications and human interactions and an amazing way of sharing that knowledge, including through convincing theatrical examples that make it impossible to miss the point.



Criminal Lawyer

Sylvain Langlois,

Manager, Manufacturing,

Communications & Technologies


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