About Sam...

Samantha is a bilingual Certified Empowerment Life Coach and a gifted, no-nonsense, energetic and engaging speaker.


Sam often shares her own personal experiences to inspire others to overcome difficult challenges and become the best version of themselves.

She believes that everyone should be able to look back on their lives and feel as though it was time well spent on purposeful careers, relationships and meaningful experiences.


Sam's career includes 12 years of practical management, marketing and sales experience in the private, non-profit and public sectors.


Her diverse experience includes work as a freelance reporter, 

a fundraiser for a non-profit, a two-year project with the Criminal Intelligence department of the Ottawa Police as well as a Co-Founder and

VP of Sales for a technology newspaper. She also co-founded Harvest Noir, a former annual chic picnic and dance gala held every fall under the

harvest moon.   

In her downtime, Sam enjoys singing/songwriting and spending time with her family in the country where they live by the shores of the

Gatineau River in Chelsea, Quebec.


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