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Tired of feeling like no matter

what you do, it's never enough?


Tired of not reaching your

professional & personal goals?

Sam is an amazing coach. 

Within a few sessions she helped me determine my true career goals, helped me formulate a plan to reach them, and taught me techniques to stay on track. 


Within two months of finishing our sessions I had a new position and I'm happier than ever with my career. She's great at listening, analysis, and motivating you to do 

the work to get where you want to be. 


Can't recommend her highly enough.

~ Bonnie Robinson ~

Film Maker and Technical Writer

Sam is a fully certified Life Coach since 2012

 through the acclaimed 'Empowerment Institute' in NY.


She offers coaching in the areas of:

Career Transition & Development

Self-Confidence & Empowerment

Assertive Communication

Meaningful Relationships