Reclaim Your Oomph!

Smiling Woman

Tell me how are you feeling? Really?

Are you more stressed and anxious than usual?

Panic attacks maybe?

Losing your sense of confidence?

Or maybe even purpose?

Do you feel a little paralyzed by too man unknowns?

Do you feel trapped in Groundhog Day?

Have you lost your Oomph?











photo credit: Charles Deluvio


The Dictionary defines Oomph as:

The Quality of Being Exciting,

Energetic or Attractive!


So how’s your Oomph?

Are you feeling sexy right now?


I don't just mean physically.

I mean how sexy are your thoughts right now about yourself,

others and life in general?

There's no question that we're living in unprecedented times and that's a scary feeling for many. So if you've lost your 'oomph'

don't fret, you're not alone.







Many have shared that they feel their energy waning and are losing or have lost the excitement and basic confidence that enables us to feel brave and empowered to forge ahead.

While we must all do our part at the moment to stay healthy and safe, we must also remember that all is impermanent. 

This pandemic will end as will the lockdown.


Ideally, we want to emerge from this in strong emotional shape in order to have the energy or 'oomph' we're going to need to get us going in the right direction.

So how are you doing with your self-care?


Do you feel like this guy yet? 







Photo credit: Ali Yahya


Would you like to learn the number 1 thing you can do to lower your stress levels?

hint: it's not food, yoga, exercise or throwing stuff...

Or how about an exercise on how to take control if you experience a panic attack?




Sometimes stress can make us a little prickly... would you like to learn how to express your needs or to give feedback without causing a sting?






Mandela and others like him have shown us that it is possible to reclaim our 'oomph' no matter what is happening around us.




I know this first hand because I had to learn to do this for myself.

I've designed this program based not only from my training to become an empowerment life coach and on research out of Oxford and Harvard and other resources, but also from my own personal experiences in successfully overcoming extreme rejection, isolation, fear, depression and lack of confidence.  


There's a reason I chose my profession. 

It's personal.

Over the last decade I've helped hundreds of people overcome difficult challenges and feel more confident, in control and at peace.


And now, I want to support you.


Nelson Mandela served an unwarranted 27-year prison sentence, most of it in isolation. He lost loved ones he wasn't allowed to visit and battled depression at times. And yet, he emerged as one of the most positive, inspirational leaders in history.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Green and Cream Minimalism New Year Anim

This 8-week Program will

Empower You to Manage 6 Core Life Areas:


1. Stress, Fear, Anxiety & Loneliness

2. Increasing Courage and Confidence

3. Managing Others Expectations and Learning to Say No

4. Better Managing Your Time & Email

5. How to Give Feedback Without Creating Conflict

6. How to Act & Feel Powerful!

An 8-Week Empowerment

Coaching Program

Delivered by:

Empowerment Life Coach & Speaker

Samantha Biron

What people say:

'This training is seriously life changing! Great instructor and learned a lot to be applied to both life (personal) and work.' Nathalie G.

How it Works

Each week, I’ve prepared an insightful, practical and inspiring coaching session for you to view from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get it via email.

(see detailed topics below)


Post video, I’ll invite you to complete an assignment to work on prior to the next session the following week.

~ Program Outline: 8 Weeks (1 Session per Week) ~


Program Tuition:

$249 +hst = 1 session 

$1,800 +hst = ALL 8 sessions (SAVE: $192!)


Payment Methods:

Payment can be made by e-transfer or credit card via Paypal or Stripe.

Arrangements can be made for people in need who are currently without income. Please e-mail Samantha directly.



Some of the content for these sessions is derived from professional development workshops that Samantha has been giving on behalf of training companies. This program is applicable both at home and in the workplace for greater mental health, productivity and wellbeing.


Inquire with your employer about having them cover the cost of this program for you.